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p h i l o s o p h y

Communication is an idea, an abstract entity which needs a subjective vehicle for realization. A purposeful communication is materialized in the context of a semiotic system. The most important semiotic system is language which manifests itself in two forms, speech and writing. Writing is, in the last analysis, designated to record and represent speech; but writing systems, like any other communication system, also have an artistic function beside their primary purpose. The world of ideas cannot possibly be perfectly contained in words, hence the endless efforts of numerous calligraphers to alter and add to written words.

In the course of my joyful indulgence in Iranian-Islamic arts over the past decade and my fascination with the mystery surrounding Kufic script, I soon found myself manipulating the proportions to fit my taste of writing the hidden and saying the silence; the fruit of this endeavor was the creation of a specific style of Kufic script, Mehr. It is not primarily designed to be easily read, because it is not too much concerned with the reflection of the linguistic message of the words as it is with providing the viewer with an individually new understanding of what lies whitin them, so that the writer`s own emotions about the glory of the thing said are properly manifested therein.



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